1. Getting Started


Type :h search (don't hit Enter yet) followed by Ctrl+D. This will give you a list of help tags containing the substring search.

2. Advanced Editing and Navigation


:b file 如果出现了多个包含 file 的 buffer,可以用 tab 轮询每个文件。


Ctrl+w+o (or :only or :on command) will close all windows except for the current one.


set foldmethod=indent

  • zo: open current fold
  • zc: close the fold
  • zR/zM: open and close all folds

word: 字母数字下划线。 WORD: 除了空白符(空格,tab,换行)

  • _ beginning of the line and $ take you to the end of the line
  • Shift + { and Shift + } takes you to the beginning and the end of a paragraph
  • Shift + ( and Shift + ) takes you to the beginning and the end a sentence

Jumping into insert mode

  • gi places you in insert mode were you last exited it

Searching across files

:vimgrep animal **/*.py navigate use :cn :cp , open quickfix window by using :copen

3. Follow the Leader - Plugin Management



" 使用 NERDTreeToggle 命令时候加载插件:
Plug 'scrooloose/nerdtreee', { 'on': 'NERDTreeToggle' }
" 指定文件类型加载
Plug 'junegunn/goyo.vim', { 'for': 'markdown' }


Profiling slow plugins : vim --startuptime startuptime.log

Profiling spedific actions:

:profile start profile.log
:profile func *
:profile file *


在visual 模式下,可以用 o 从选择的开始和结束跳转

可以用 term 模式运行一个命令输出到 buffer

:term python3 animal.py cat dog

Remapping commands

  • :map for recursive mapping, :unmap
  • :noremap for non-recursive mapping
  • :map g will display every mapping starting with g


  • <c-_> ctrl + 字母(下划线这里指的是字母)
  • <a-_> or <m-_> 表示 Alt
  • <s-_> 表示 Shift
  • <cr> Enter

Mode - aware remapping

  • :nmap and :nnoremap : Normal mode
  • :vmap and :vnoremap : Visual and select modes
  • :xmap and :xnoremap : Visual mode
  • :smap and :snoremap : Select mode
  • :omap and :onoremap : Operator-pending mode
  • :map! and :noremap! : Insert and Command-line mode
  • :cmap and :cnoremap: Command-line mode

The leader key

The leader key is essentially a namespace for a user or plugin defined shortcuts.

" Map the leader key to a comma.
let mapleader = ','
let mapleader = "\<space>"

4. Understanding the Text

Code autocomplete


Exuberant Ctags

$ ctags -R .
" vimrc
set tags=tags;

" regerate tags when saving python file
autocmd BufWritePost *.py silent! !ctags -R &
  • ctrl+] ctrl+t jump and to back in the tag stack
  • :tn :tp next tag and previous tag
  • :ts tag select
  • g] select tag menu instead jump to the tag under the cursor

Undo tree and Gundo

5. Build, Test and Execute

Integrating Git with Vim (vim-fugitive)


  • Gstatus
  • Glog. :copen :cprevious
  • Gblame
  • Gread checks out the file straight into a buffer for a preview
  • Ggrep wraps around git grep
  • Gmove moves the files
  • Gdelete wraps git remove commands

Resolving conflicts with vimdiff

vimdiff a.py b.py

  • ]c [c move forward and backward
  • do or :diffget (do stands for diff obtain) move the change to the active window
  • dp or :diffput (stands for diff put) will push the change from the active window
git config --global merge.tool vimdiff
git config --global merge.conflictstyle diff3
git config --global mergetool.promptt false

git mergetool 进入合并页面。

  • LOCAL: current branch
  • BASE: common ancestor
  • REMOTE: remote branch
  • MERGED: merge result
<<<<<<< [LOCAL commit/branch]
[LOCAL change]
|||||||| merged common ancestors
[BASE - clostest common ancestor]
[REMOTE change]
>>>>>>> [REMOTE commit/branch]
  • Get a REMOTE change using :diffg R
  • Get a BASE change using :diffg B
  • Get a LOCAL change using :diffg L

when you are done, use :wqa quit and git commit your merge results.

Tmux, screen and vim terminal mode


tmux use tpm plugin manager install

Building and testing

quickfix: copen/cn/cp

location list: :lopen/lclose/lnext/lprevious/lwindow


  • :Make
  • :Dispatch can also just run arbitrary


  • :TestNearest runs the test nearest to the cursor
  • :TestFile runs the tests in the current file
  • :TestSuite runs the entire test suite
  • :TestLast runs the last test

Syntax checking code with linters

"vim-syntasitic/syntastic" "w0rp/ale"

6. Refactoring Code with Regex and Macros

Search and replace

:s/<find-this>/<replace-with-this>/<flags> , flags:

  • g: global
  • c: confirm each substitution
  • e: do not show errors if no matches are found
  • i: ignore case
  • I: case-sensitive

match whole words : /\<animals\>

Operations across files using arglist

  • :arg defines the arglist
  • :argdo allows you to execute a command on all the files in the arglist
  • :args displays the list of files in the arglist
:arg **/*.py
:argdo %s/\<animal\>/creature/ge | update

Regex Expression

  • magic mode: \m
  • no magic: \M
  • very magic: \v , :s/\v(cat) hunting (mic)/\2 hunting \1

Applying the knowledge in practice

  • Renaming a variable, a method, or a class
  • Reordering function arguments

Recording and playing macros

:arg **.*.yp
:argdo execute ":normal @a" | update

Using plugins to do the job

Making Vim Your Own

Playing with the Vim UI

  • :colorscheme


The status line

set laststatus=2
set showcmd

Keeping track of configuration files

使用 dotfiles 一定要注意别加上敏感信息

Healthy vim customization habits

  • 及时清理不用配置
  • 映射快捷键方便操作
  • 保持 .vimrc 有组织

8. Transcending the Mundane with Vimscript