《Hello Startup》作者 Yevgeniy Brikman 以技术人员的视角,从产品、技术、团队文化角度讲述了作者的经验。书中还有众多明星创业公司CTO和工程师的采访,想加入创业公司的工程师可以参考下。

1.Why Startups

  1. Product: technology.
  2. Environment: extremely uncertain.
  3. Goal: massive growth.
  4. Mode of operation: search.

2.Startup Ideas

  1. Copy
  2. Transform
  3. Combine

  4. Give yourself plenty of time

  5. Keep an idea journal
  6. Work on the problem
  7. Get away from work
  8. Add constraints
  9. Look for pain points
  10. Talk to others

How to find customers ? 1. Validate the problem. - Frequency: Does the problem your're solving occur often? - Density: Do a lot of people face this problem? - Pain: Is the problem just an annoyance, or something you absolutely must resolve? Market Sizing: Advertising, Competition, Community, Market research and reports, Product data Talking to real customsers :

  1. Validate the MVP.
  2. Validate the product.

3. Product Design

What you're building ,who you're doing it for , why it's worth doing.

Emotional DESIGN: Be considerate, Be responsive, Be forgiving, Simplicity, Usability testing VIsual DESING: 1.Copywriting 2. Design reuse 3. Layout 4.Typography 5.Contrast and repetition 6.Colors THE MVP: central assumption -> testable hypothesis -> smallest experiment -> analyze the results -> repeat1 Types OF MVPS: Landing page, Explainer video, crowdfunding(众筹), Piecemeal MVP Buy THE MVP:

4. Data and Distribution