1. Why Impala

flexibliity for your big data flow high-performance analytics exploratory business intelligence

extrac-transform-load(ETL) BI: Business intelligence

2. Getting Up and Running with Impala

Cloudera live demo

A view is an alias for a longer query, and takes no time or storage to set up

3. Impala for the database developer

OLTP-style(online transaction processing)

impala implements SQL-92 standard features for queries, with som enhancements from later SQL standards Hadoop Distributed File System(HDFS)

  • Impala currently doesn't have OLTP-style data manipulation language (DML) such as DELETE or UPDATE.
  • Impala also does not have indexes, constraints or foreign keys.
  • No transactions

impala can very effeciently perform full table scans of large tables.

HDFS Storage Model: CDH: Cloudera Distribution with Hadoop Parquet File Format: binary file format

4. Common Developer Tasks for Impala


Make sure always close query handles when finished(release memory) JDBC or ODBC

with Impala, the biggest I/O savings com from using partitioned tables and choosing the most appropriate file format

Impala partitioned tables are just HDFS directories UDF(user defined functions)